Railway Children's Waterloo Station Sleepout 30th January 2020

Railway Children’s Waterloo Station Sleepout 30th January

As we enter 2020, our UK office team members Alisha Maher, Gary O’Keeffe, Harry Loft, Liam Cain, and Sara McLaughlin will be taking part in Railway Children’s Sleepout at Waterloo Station.

The event will see them swap their warm beds on the night of 30th January for sleeping bags and the cold floor of a railway station.

“This event isn’t designed to replicate the situations faced by the children we work with, but it will raise awareness of the issues and we know that the more we can do that, more we can do, together, to make a difference in the lives of children who need us.”

Why we’re taking part

As a leading rail recruitment agency, we have a duty to give back and support those less fortunate within the rail community. When children and young people run away from home, their first thought is often to escape or hide on the trains. As temporary safety and warmth, they use trains or stations to seek shelter. These children are vulnerable. Thousands of them are passing through our railway stations every day, facing risks of exploitation, trafficking, and abuse.

That’s why in 2020 we’ve decided to support Railway Children. If the rail industry can come together and contribute a small amount of time or money to this cause, we can help eradicate child exploitation in our railway system.

How you can make a difference

Anything can make a difference, and support our goal of raising £500 during this event online at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/crewit-resourcing.

Together, £500 could pay for 25 hours of one-to-one support to help a child keep themselves safe. Be part of the solution during the coldest time of year.

About Railway Children

“We believe in a world where no child ever has to live on the streets. Children run away or are forced to leave homes where they suffer poverty, violence, abuse, and neglect. They find themselves living on the streets because there is nowhere else to go and nobody to turn to. We work to reach children as soon as they arrive on the streets and intervene before an abuser can.” You can find out more on their website: railwaychildren.org.uk