Supporting The Baikal Project- World Record Challenge

Supporting The Baikal Project- World Record Challenge

What is The Baikal Project?

7 adventurers, 6 motorcycles and 1 frozen lake- The Baikal Project is an exhilarating journey over the deepest lake and the largest single body of fresh water on earth,– Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia.

At the peak of the Siberian winter, the team of adventurers will attempt a world-record-breaking challenge: crossing Lake Baikal’s frozen surface, unsupported, by motorbike.

With anticipated temperatures as low as -40C, the team will attempt to set two new Guinness World Records. One for the longest motorcycle ride on ice and one for the longest four-wheel drive on ice.

From idea to the aftermath, the full Baikal Project journey is being filmed for film, tv and radio, by renowned documentary maker Claudio Von Planta.

Who is taking part in The Baikal Project?

The team of daring individuals comprises of 7 adventurers, 1 filmmaker and1 support member. They include:

Gary O‘Keeffe- Entrepreneur and driving force behind these thrill-seekers.

Declan Mcevoy- An adventure motorcyclist for decades, serial entrepreneur and russian logistics expert.

Karolis Mieliauskas- Cold weather survival expert, adventure traveller & inspirational speaker.

Fritz Kreis- An avid motorhead – and has completed many global expeditions.

Mark Kemp- Founder of the adventure motorcycle cult site – bam riders.

Kevin Emans- Guinness world record holder and motorist.

Mariano Carloni- Extreme motorcyclist and air force graduate.

Claudio Von Planta- Multi-award winning director and filmmaker.

Maxim Anokhin- Extreme logistics expert

You can view their full bios on The Baikal Project’s website:

When is The Baikal Project?

This journey across one of the most dangerous places in the northern hemisphere will take place between February 15- 25, 2020. You can stay up-to-date on the adventure on the Facebook page:

Crewit Resourcing is pleased to sponsor The Baikal Project and wish the team, crew and their attempt at the Guinness World Records the best of success.