What is a Groundworker The 2020 guide to being a Ground Worker

What is a Groundworker? The 2020 guide to being a Ground Worker

Groundworker is a type of job that resides on most construction sites. Their primary role is to prepare the ground before construction works happening. Aside from de-vegetation, they may also carry out more specialist tasks such as kerbing, drainage, paving and concreting. To answer the question of what is a groundworker, we have taken a deeper look below.

What is Groundwork and what does a Groundworker do?

Groundwork is the act of preparing and working on the ground that is due to be constructed on. Groundwork can happen prior to works beginning, or during a construction project. Groundwork involves tasks such as de-vegetation (removing bushes, grass and trees). It also includes preparing ground for drainage and kerbs, and laying concrete.

How much can I earn?

A groundworker working on a construction site can typically earn £15ph. Those with more specialist experience or are at a skilled level can earn a potential £17+ph. As always, the more tickets, qualifications, and experience that you have in the role, means you can compete for and demand a higher salary.

Groundworker Required Skills/ Qualifications

To apply for jobs as a groundworker, you’ll need at least some experience of working as a groundworker before. However, as groundwork is a skilled role, most construction companies will require you to have a Blue CSCS Card. This demonstrates to them that you have the required knowledge of the role and health and safety principles. Some companies are comfortable with a Green CSCS Card (Labourer). These will allow you to gain the experience performing groundwork duties. If you do not have the required qualifications to obtain a Blue CSS Card, you can apply for a temporary Experienced Worker Card.

To find out more about what CSCS Card, read this article.

Having extra tickets, such as any of the machine operatives tickets, would also allow you to carry out more tasks and earn a skilled wage.

How can I get a job as a Groundworker?

Groundworker jobs are not short of being available. There are many on the market and more opening every day. With competition high, you may find yourself applying for 100’s before getting a role. We’ve written this article to discover our top 5 sources to find a construction job that should make it easier.

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