Working in Railway Construction- 2020 Salary Guide

Working in Rail Construction- 2020 Salary Guide

The Rail & Transport industry is so vast in size that, to provide valuable insight into each role, we’ve decided to focus on one area. In this article, we’ll cover railway construction. This sub-sector encompasses the planning, building, and development of the rail infrastructure.

As we enter a decade of large rail projects, including Cross Rail and High Speed 2, there isn’t a better time to train to work in railway construction. Large investment can mean more work and more work results in more jobs created. Consistent work isn’t everything in this industry though. Whether you already work in the industry or are debating entering, salary is also likely to be a factor.

We’ve created an overview of popular rail construction roles and they’re average salary. Use this to benchmark how the project you’re working on is rewarding you.

Rail Construction PTS Labourer- Average Salary

The common entry point for an unskilled worker in the rail industry. Once you have your PTS (Personal Track Safety) card, you can begin to work on the rail. As a PTS Labourer, you can learn the basics required for working on site.

PTS Labourer Average Advertised Salary: £13.00ph Distribution: £11.00-15.00ph

Rail PTS Ground Worker- Average Salary

Ground working is a more skilled role than labouring.

PTS Ground Worker Average Advertised Salary: £15.22ph Distribution: £14.50-£16.00ph

Rail COSS- Controller of Site Safety- Average Salary

A Controller of Site Safety is someone that holds a COSS qualification issued by Network Rail. This qualifies them to supervise safety on or near a rail construction site. The qualification needs an investment of £500 ex vat, but in return, COSS roles can return better salaries.

COSS Average Advertised Salary: £16.74ph Distribution: £14.00-£19.20ph

Rail Site/ Section Engineer- Average Salary

Requiring a relevant degree in Civil Engineering, the site engineer is responsible for the quality, implementation and engineering management of the project. Junior engineers can earn around £25,000pa, whereas senior engineers carrying out contract work can earn over £300pd.

Site Engineer Average Advertised Salary: £37,000.00 Distribution: £32,500-£39,000pa

Rail Construction Average Salaries

The data from this research shows the variation and distribution of salaries is vast. A variety of factors impact salaries, including: geographical location, size of project and resource demand. Every project is different, and sometimes the guarantee of longer-term work is more of a priority.

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*The data referenced in this article was collected on 17/12/19 from various available sources including job boards. Each average salary was calculated from at least 5 job advertisements with advertised salaries. Datapoints were spread around the UK, with at least 3 regions included in every average salary.